About Us


Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Link (Taiwan OSH Link) is an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to safeguard workers' safety and health rights at work.  Founded in 2013, Taiwan OSH Link currently consists of 2 full-time staffs and is supported by dozens of volunteer activists from multiple professional disciplines. 
In Taiwan, workers enduring injuries and diseases resulting from occupational accident or long-term exposure to workplace hazards often encounter discrimination and even hostile employers in the workplace.  Experiences of institutional and psychosocial hardships are common during the process of claiming deserved workers rights on economic loss compensation, health care and return-to-work assistance.  Most of the injured workers and their families lack sufficient information, knowledge and social support to fully exercise their stipulated rights.  In complicated occupational disease cases such as overwork-related cardiovascular disease, mental illness and occupational cancer, difficulties in collecting relevant exposure data and proving disease causality evidence make the recognition of work-relatedness of disease even harder, rendering a severe under-documentation of occupational disease.  Taiwan OSH Link provides consultation and assistance to affected workers and their families, and engages in research and policy advocacy on workers' behalf. 


Taiwan OSH Link's main tasks include the following:

  1. Provide consultation and assistance to injured workers and their families;
  2. Conduct research and monitor occupational safety and health policies;
  3. Promote social awareness concerning occupational safety and health through publication, presentations, education and other social campaigns.